Water saving solutions for Southern Africa

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Water Solutions

Over the last few years water has moved from cheap and plentiful to an expensive and scare resource. This problem has reached a tipping point, is escalating and is here to stay. We provide market leading water treatment solutions to the industrial, commercial, retail and residential sectors. We use our unique technology and experience to partner with our clients to ensure ongoing financial savings, water quality and water security at all times.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting from rooftops and large tarred areas is an increasingly viable way to conserve water. Rain that falls on these surfaces is collected, filtered, treated where necessary stored for use in a variety of applications.


Not every property owner can have a Borehole as they access local groundwater in underground aquifers but the great things about boreholes is, unlike rainwater harvesting, they are not seasonal and can produce water all year round.

Greywater Recycling

Greywater recycling is the treatment of water from staff change rooms, cooling towers, vehicle wash bays and other sources. Once treated this water can reused or used for irrigation or other processes.

Bac2Blu Wash Water Recycling Systems

Our systems can save you up to 80% of your monthly municipal account. We use our tried and tested patented technology to recycle and reuse wash water.

Sewage Treatment Plants

Our wastewater treatment systems use Submerged Aerated Fixed-Film (SAF), Bioreactors and Whale Tooth Technology to treat effluent to safe environmental discharge and recycle standards.

Whale Tooth Patented Aerated Technology

Whale Tooth is our patented treatment process that is 100% biological and requires no chemical additives or specialised equipment. This technology ensures power consumption is kept to a minimum and in some cases greywater can even be purified back to safe drinking standards.