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We are Energy Capital

Energy Capital is a South African based business with offices in Durban, Gauteng and Cape Town. It was established in 2015 with the objective of offering fully funded solar energy solutions to the South African market. During 2017, this was expanded to include all sustainable solutions.

At Energy Capital, we are committed to providing all our clients with an exceptional experience - before, during and after a project is completed. Our team of qualified engineers and associate partners deliver full turnkey solutions that include site analysis, design, procurement, construction, ongoing site monitoring and after sales service.

Solar Panels


We provide grid tied, hybrid and off grid solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. We also provide integrated diesel/gas solutions and battery storage systems.

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Water Treatment


With the help of our partners we have access to systems and technologies for most types of water treatment and storage and have pioneered sewage treatment plants throughout Southern Africa for over 30 years.

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Energy Efficiency


By metering and measuring a sites energy and water usage electronically, we can get an accurate indication of what is being consumed. This information is then used to see what efficieneces and asavings can be introduced on the site.

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Solar Financing South Africa


Energy Capital provides a number of funding options that can be used to fund your sustainable solutions. We work with our clients to choose the option best suited to each application.

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Energy Usage Monitoring


The effective operations and maintenance of all sites is linked to having direct connectivity with all sites via our central monitoring system. This also allows each client to also get remote access to their systems.

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Our Approach

Our client’s aim to meet ambitious sustainability goals that require a unique approach.

Central to our approach when assessing all sites is to maximise client’s savings and increase energy and water security. Business efficiency and effectiveness is the desired outcome. Whether your goal is to manage long-term savings and risk, authentically engage your company’s stakeholders, champion game-changing environmental solutions or demonstrate industry leadership, ENERGY CAPITAL is poised to be your partner.

Our custom corporate sustainability solutions position your business as an industry leader, achieving real impact today while helping solve tomorrow’s most pressing environmental challenges.

Expect an exceptional experience

We are more than an EPC - we are your renewable energy and sustainable solution partner.


Site Audit and consultancy

Energy and Water Usage Analysis. Determine clients needs. Determine available roof space. Determine the best energy and water solution. Define Business Strategy for each client. If draft proposal is accepted, Letter of Engagement (LOE) is signed to proceed.


Detailed Design

Development of project and planning. Design of DC and AC cabling. Determine inverter position. Identify suitable sites for water infrastructure. Present final proposal and business case. If accepted, contract signed.



Pre-Construction planning starts. Establish high level project plan. Analyse risk and safety requirements. Finalise procurement and logistics. Agree on timelines. Project starts when all proffessional appointments are in place.



Complete all safety structures and implement safety precautions. Install all equipment- modules, inverters, cables and AC connection cabinets. Install all water solution componnets. Commission whole system.


Commissioning the Site and Certification

Ensure system is working correctly and design parameters are met. Complete all certifications with the relevant authorities.


Operations & Maintenance

Implement Energy Capital Solasure guarantee. Implement Service Level Agreements for full term of project funding. Optimization of all renewable energy and sustainable assets.